Let me be very clear from the beginning: because of biblical convictions, Christians should not vote for Joe Biden to be next President of the United States. Indeed, Christians should see it as a violation of Scripture to vote for this man.

I am not saying that every Christian must, then, vote for Donald Trump. I understand there is an issue of conscience at play, and many good believers cannot, in good conscience, vote for Trump and I understand why. He is not an admirable man in terms of his moral character. He’s been very open about his sins. He seems to be all about himself. He’s been married three times and proven guilty of adultery. His tweets and public comments are embarrassing at times. He’s not a stand-up guy in terms of his character.

So, if you don’t for Trump, I get it. But I can see absolutely no way how any believer can vote for Joe Biden and not dishonor God. And I say that for two primary reasons—Biden’s stance on abortion and his recent comments on transgenderism.

As Albert said, “Just consider the fact that a Biden-Harris administration would be, by any honest account, the most pro-abortion political force in American history.” The Democratic Party wants no restrictions on abortion whatsoever. They believe a baby can aborted up until the moment of birth. That’s not only a violation of Scripture (Genesis 9:6, Leviticus 24:17), that’s atrocious. That’s absurd. That’s barbaric and sub-human. It’s honestly no better than what pagan nations used to do in ancient Israel when they sacrificed their babies by fire to false gods.

Furthermore, Joe Biden recently said that when it comes to children who want to pursue transgenderism, “there should be zero discrimination.” Not only is Joe Biden for killing babies, he is also supportive of allowing children to change their gender (as if that were even possible) at the young age of 8-10 years old.

So, here’s my question: If you’re a Christian, how in the world can you vote for such a candidate? How can your Christian convictions allow you to formally choose this man to lead our nation?

Some will say, “Trump is just as much a moral monster as Biden! He’s even worse.” Listen, I get it. Trump is not who you want mentoring your kids. But at least he stands up for the unborn. He’s made good on his promises to elect Supreme Court Justices who we hope will overturn Roe vs. Wade. He’s been very open about his opposition to abortion policies and even expressed horror at the idea of aborting a baby that is near birth.

This statement by Albert Mohler says it all when it comes to the moral character of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. “I cannot accept the argument that a calm man (Biden) who affirms the dismembering of babies in the womb has a superior character to a man (Trump) who rants like Genghis Khan but acts to preserve that life.” In other words, if you’re voting for Joe Biden because you think he has better character than Trump, then you are failing to realize that advocating for murdering little babies is a huge character flaw. You cannot separate character from policy. You can’t say Biden is a nice guy when he desires to see little babies murdered and children under-go life-altering gender changes.

Again, Trump may not be the man we want him to be, but at least he stands on the right side of history when it comes to this issue. And you might say, well, I am pro-life, but I am voting for Biden for other reasons. That’s fine, but no matter what, you can’t avoid the fact that your vote goes to the man who wants to literally rip babies apart in the womb and allows children to ruin their lives.

Thanks for reading!

Brandon Sutton (Pastor2334@gmail.com) is the Lead Pastor of Blue Ridge CU Church and New Life Church. Check out both at Blueridgecuchurch.com and Newlifeshelbyville.org.