On Tuesday night, America witnessed one of the most contentious, and historic, presidential elections come to an end.  While there is so much we can take away from this event, the division in our nation stands above it all.

This was evident when I looked at social media the next day. It was clear, people were extremely disappointed or very happy. This was expected, of course. But, as a pastor, I was struck with a major concern.

In this article, I want to speak to both sides of the aisle to share with you my concerns and the one ultimate solution.

If you woke up Wednesday morning feeling complete devastation due to the outcome of the Presidential race, you must ask yourself this question: Where have you placed your hope? If a political process leaves you empty, then your ultimate hope is not in Jesus. It’s in people and/or ideas. Which means you have built your life on the sand (Matthew 7:24-27). And now you’re experiencing the desolating power of the winds and waves of this world. The breakers of life are destroying your dreams, hopes, and feelings of security.

Now, to other side. Perhaps you woke up Wednesday morning and you didn’t feel sorrow. You felt jubilation. You were elated with the results. Let me ask you: would you feel such hope and joy if the other candidate won? Or would you feel the same as our dear brothers and sisters on the other side of the isle? Another thing to consider is how happy this outcome made you feel. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating your candidate’s victory, but be careful that you don’t begin building your life upon that undependable foundation.

I am trying to get at the bottom of your hope and joy. There is nothing inherently wrong with supporting a political candidate. It is also not wrong to feel happiness or disappointment depending on the results. But, it is a huge spiritual problem if all of your joy is determined by the outcome of a political race. Either way, it shows that the foundation of your life is not built on Jesus but the world. And that’s the question we all need to ask. What is the foundation of your life? It’s easy to give the Christian answer, but the durability of your structure is revealed when true trials come.

What you’ll find is that this doesn’t merely apply to the current political process. It speaks to everything in our lives. There’s a reason Jesus said you must value everything above Him. God is not being a self-centered, ego-maniac by demanding our total allegiance to Him. He’s does so for our good. The Lord knows that when He is our greatest treasure we will have maximum joy, strength and hope. And, when the things of the world fail us—jobs, health, finances, friends, family, political candidate—He remains our sure and steady foundation. We may lose happiness from time to time, but we never lose true joy, because Jesus is our source of life.

So, where have you placed your hope? What have you built the foundation of your life upon? Is it Christ or something else? Before God painfully reveals this to you, ask yourself this question: Could I still be satisfied and happy in Jesus if I lost (fill in the blank)?